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Queen of heARTs


Let's Get Acquainted

"I’m just a girl raised in the south from a city that produces ripe peaches with a whole lot of magic! I’m just trying to put my stamp on the world.” - Teia James


I am Teia James, the owner of Sincerely Teia™, Customized Fine Artistry®. I am a native of Atlanta, GA. My love and admiration for art stretches as far back as my childhood. I have always been crafty, artsy, and creative since I was a little girl.  As a child, I had a vivid imagination. I would create paper dolls out of fashion catalogs, build houses out of books, and make cars out of shoe boxes.


My background is in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Power and Computers. I obtained my Bachelor of Sciences degree from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN (Oprah Winfrey’s alma mater). I practiced in the field of Engineering for over 16 years. Although I am technically inclined, I have always possessed a greater passion for art.

I started Sincerely Teia™ in 2007, almost 4 years after graduating from college. I didn’t have a clear roadmap or special formula of how to become a successful artist/entrepreneur, I just knew I wanted to create heartfelt custom greeting cards and invitations with a scrapbooking flair.


Fast forward to today, I am a self-taught artist and paper dealer for two major paper distributors. In 2017, I expanded my artistic craft by becoming a fashion illustrator with formalized training. Though I am most known for my signature paper art designs, I am excited about putting my stamp on the world of fashion illustration. My artwork is inspired by women, fashion, and culture.


As an artist I love taking creative risks. I challenge myself to be a pioneer of the arts. I’m continuously pushing myself to learn new methodologies and find ways to apply these concepts to my artistry. My goal has always been to evoke emotions when I create. Over the years, I’ve learned to create what feels right for me and know that it is okay.


“To imagine, explore, and create, is to freely spread my wings and soar the skies of my painted utopia.” - Teia James

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