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Store Policy

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  • All artwork on this website is the property of Sincerely Teia™ and is protected by the United States and International Copyright Laws.  Reproduction, misappropriation, and unauthorized use of artwork / products is strictly prohibited. Sincerely Teia™ retains all rights to commissioned artwork, including reproduction for sale and to promote business. Buyers are not entitled to reproduction rights, neither are copyrights transferable with the sale of prints, artwork, and products.

    • REPOSTING ARTWORK: You are welcome to repost Sincerely Teia™ artwork on your social media outlets, as long as, full credit is given with the hashtag #SincerelyTeia and mention of @sincerelyteia within your post.  You may not use Sincerely Teia™ artwork for commercial purposes, nor alter or transform in any way.


  • Sincerely Teia™ respects your privacy and will never sell, loan, rent, trade, or give away any personal information that you offer.  Personal information provided is only to be used for the services requested, such as processing an order and shipping your package as designated.

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Please allow up 2 to 3 business days for your order to be processed.

*NOTE: Order processing is not the same as order shipping.  

  • PRE-ORDERS: Please do not mix pre-orders with in-stock items when checking out.

  • GIFTS:  If your order is a gift, please designate when checking out. Gift notes are welcomed and complimentary.

  • THIRD PARTY / BULK: For inquiries to become an authorized dealer of Sincerely Teia™ products and / or place a large bulk order, please utilize the “CONTACT” tab to detail the purpose and intention of sell / distribution. Sincerely Teia™ reserves all rights to approve / decline any third party / bulk order request(s).



  • All payments are made via PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal cash balances.



  • If you would like to cancel or modify your order, please contact Sincerely Teia™ IMMEDIATELY or within 24 hours of order submittal via the “CONTACT” tab. Please include the following information:

    • Name

    • Company Name (if applicable)

    • Email Address

    • Phone Number

    • Transaction Number

    • Order Details​


  • Colors may slightly vary on prints / products due to printing methods applied on varying mediums.


  • Sizing is always listed in the product description.  Please be sure to check the dimensions, as sizes can vary.  In the event that the dimensions are not provided and you have questions, please feel free to contact Sincerely Teia™.

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  • Commissions are open and closed at certain times of the year. Please feel free to contact Sincerely Teia™ via the “CONTACT” tab if you have any questions regarding availability.

    • Limited Availability: Accepting commissions, but only limited availability.

    • Special Editions: Commissions that are special editions, exclusive and limited offers.  Can be open to the public and / or invite only.

    • Black Out Dates: Commissions will not be accepted during designated black out dates; however, confirmed orders will ship as previously scheduled.



    • It is never too early to place your commission order. Being proactive in placing your order allows you to fully enjoy the Sincerely Teia™ experience without feeling overwhelmed, rushed, or even stressed. The following timeframes are recommended for order placements:

      • 2 to 4 weeks: Greeting Cards, Shadow Boxes

      • 1 to 2 months: Illustrations, Stationery

      • 3 to 6 months: Invitations, Announcements


  • Pricing varies depending on the commissions type and the level of design intricacy. Price is often accumulative of design, materials, print, assembly, and shipping fees. Prices listed are a point of reference and are subject to change based on your requested customizations.




    • Once Sincerely Teia™ has received your questionnaire and has a clear idea of your product details, a nonrefundable design fee will be invoiced to your PayPal.

$40 for the following products:




$80 for the following products:







The design fee must be paid in full before the start of design. The design fee includes up to (two) revisions. Any revision made thereafter will result in an additional $10 fee per individual modification. Any overlooked mistakes in spelling and grammar will not be the responsibility of Sincerely Teia™.


    • After your design has been reviewed and approved, the final invoice will be sent for full payment via PayPal. The process of creating your product will not begin until full payment has been received. Failure to send payment within 2 business days will cancel your order request. 


Please Note: Due to the custom and personalized nature of products, commissions are not eligible for refunds, returns, exchanges, or store credits. All commissions sells are final. 


  • Greeting Cards​

    • GLOW UP



  • Shadow Boxes


  • Illustrations


  • Stationery

    • OWN IT

  • Invitations / Announcements


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You don't have to have an account to order a Redbubble Exclusive (RBEx) from Sincerely Teia™.  However, if you sign up for an account with Redbubble (it’s free!), then you can keep track of all of your recent and past orders via the Order History & Status page. 

  • FREE REDBUBBLE ACCOUNT: You’ll find useful things like

    • Order Numbers

    • Purchase Dates

    • Cost and Destination

    • Each Product within Orders

    • Product Status of Each Item

  • NO REDBUBBLE ACCOUNT, NO PROBLEM: You don’t have a Redbubble account, you can still find information using this feature.  All you need is the email you used at checkout and the Order number.  You can find your Order number at the top of your confirmation email (subject line: ‘Redbubble Order Confirmation and Progress’).  If you can’t find your confirmation email, you can always give the Redbubble Customer Experience Team a shout. 

  • GIFTS: Yes you can!  You’ll just need to enter your gift recipient's shipping address at checkout and check the box "This order is a gift".  You'll be able to send a digital message to let the recipient know that a special gift is on the way.  Don’t worry, your invoice won’t be included in the package (except for some international orders, where an invoice is attached for customs). 

  • THIRD PARTY / BULK: Redbubble Bulk Order Program is designed to help customers interested in placing large orders through the Redbubble marketplace.  This program offers many benefits including:​

    • A one-time use Bulk Order coupon for up to 55%* off your Bulk Order

    • Free standard shipping for qualifying orders (refund processed post-purchase within 3-5 business days)

    • And depending on your ordering frequency, you may qualify for even more awesome-ness!

    • Coupon percentages may vary depending on your desired products.


Bulk discount eligibility is based on estimated purchase cost, not by the number of items you intend to order.  Once you have submitted your Bulk Order request, the Redbubble Bulk Order team will decide if this program is the right fit for you.

If you don’t qualify for the Bulk Order Program or you’re not planning on placing a large order, check out our Bundle Discounts page to learn more about the savings we offer year-round.  



  • All payments Options are listed below:

    •  PayPal: Currently available in the following countries. For more details please contact their support team directly.

    • Amazon Payments: Only for customers with a US bank account/card.

    • Credit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express.

    • Apple Pay:  Only for registered users.

    • Pre-paid Debit Cards: Only from approved credit companies (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

    • Sofort: A convenient and secure payment method where you can use your online banking details. Countries where Sofort is available: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

    • Redbubble Digital Gift Card: You can redeem it in your shopping cart by adding it as a coupon code.

Please Note: All online transactions must be linked to a billing address, so make sure you’re inputting the billing address just as it appears in your credit card/pre-paid debit card details.



  • Because each product on Redbubble is made to order, it's not possible to make changes to orders that have been finalized.  However, you can cancel your order and start over with the right stuff! 

    • Go to the bottom part of your confirmation email and click on 'Change or cancel your order'. 

    • Select the reason for your cancelation and click on 'Cancel Order'. 

    • You will be issued a refund of the total price to your original payment method. 

    • If your order is being processed, not to worry.  You can still click through to our Order Changes Form.  We’ll cancel your existing order and issue you a voucher for a replacement with the right changes.  

Please Note: While we will attempt to process a partial order cancelation requests, we are not always able to do so, in which case we will cancel your entire order.​


  • Colors may slightly vary on prints / products due to printing methods applied on varying mediums.


  • Sizing is always listed in the product description.  Please be sure to check the dimensions, as sizes can vary.  In the event that the dimensions, please check the Sizing Info by product.

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